On my weekend I had a sleep over with my friend. Her brothers had sleep,overs to and they were at her house to. We all went swiming. On Sunday me and Victoria wen't swimming at my house the pool thrmomiter said it was 80 but I didn't feel like it. I wacht a lot of tv.


We have been doing a progect that we are trying to save up money to save the endangered anamls. The anaml I have been researching is the giant panda. We have saved up 721 doller's to help save thse anamls. And we are going to send 700 doller's. We got our Ifrmashon for wwf and the internet on deferent sits to. It took us 6 weeks to get our books dun.


On saterday I had a game and I hit a home run and right as I hit the ball my mom screamed I felt like I was deff when I hit home plat my mom jumped up and screamed then I new I was deff then the game was over we won by one pont. On Sunday I wen't swimming on my pool it was still cold then I wen't to my dad's work becouse one of his employees birthday is tody. Then we came home then I played then it was I ges it would be 7:45 then my friend came over then we played a lot.


We Skyped


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Tody we Skyped with Marcie and David who live In a baot who are in Western Australia Marcie got to see Kangaroo's up close. Anouther thing they told us is that sometime's when they are saling that the dolfin's come up and swim beside them. Another thing was that they have been to 6 continent's that are Antarctica,Africa,Australia,Europe,Nouth and South America. And they have also been to 31 Countries. Also they have three baot rooms that are called Saloon that sand's for the dining room the Gallry sand's for the Kichin and the cabin stand's for the bedroom.


On saterday I wen't swimming in my pool with my dog I thought that it would be worm becouse the thrmomitr said that it was 74 degrees but when I got in the wart was freezing cold and I think my dog did to becouse when she would get out of the pool her teeth would chater so i thought that she would get out sines it was cold but she didn't but I did. Then I got a popsicl that me and my mom made it was good. On Sunday I rood my bike with my next door nabrs will and gaeins that was fun. Then I ate lunch next I called my friend to see of she wan'ted to play and she did so we played and played it was fun.


On saterday me and my dad and my friend Raelyn where going to the helicopter egg drop me and Raelyn had to wate antill 11:30 and we got there at 9:56 so it was a good thing that they had three bonsiy house so Wiley we where waiting we almost wen't on every one 30 time's the we asked my dad if we could get a snow cone and he said yes but to make sure we had to go over and see what colors they had and the onley colors where blue and red so I got blue.


Today we wen't to the Special Olympics with Mrs Sharin class that was fun. Then we would pick a parter from our class then we would pick a parter from Mrs Sharin's class my partner's where Ty and Jalin we did all five. Then when we got to runing with our parters when we would go down Jalin would fall then when we would go back up he would fall that was funny and tiering but it was worth it. A nother event was baseball Jalin hot the ball the first time Jalin hit the ball so me Ty and Jalin would run to first base then when the second prson from Mrs Sharin's class when they would jot the ball me Ty and Jalin would run two second base then when the next peson from Mrs Sharin's class would hit the ball me Ty and Jalin would run to thred base. Then the next prson wild hit it me Ty and Jalin would run home that was fun to. The end


We got to pick a bag. Then we wen't around and asked peploe if do you wan't this for this. Then we had to right a blog post about baeyering